Portraits of the universe in ecstatic motion.

In 2017, I won the title of “NESN Next Producer” for a 60-second commercial for the Red Sox and a 4-minute spot on a Harvard Law School student who espouses the spirit of the Chinese martial art of wushu -- using your power to defend the weak -- as she pursues a career in minority civil rights. I used the $20,000 prize to pay off my student loans and invest in better camera equipment, and worked at NESN straight out of college, where I learned about TV production and got to shoot at Fox Studios in Hollywood, spending enough time in both environments to know that they did not provide the opportunity to tell my kind of stories.

I left to freelance in 2018, finding more meaning in working with marginalized communities to tell their own stories. I’ve created videos for the I Have A Future project of Dorchester youth advocating racial equity; a flash mob by the immigrant rights movement Cosecha!; five women who started a craft cooperative Hayah Jewelry after leaving Syria for Istanbul; an artistic collaboration surrounding Filipino American identity between a chef and rapper; and the story of a young mother who utilizes services at the Boston Chinatown Neighorhood Center to receive medical treatment for her deaf son.

In summer of 2018, I moved to Thailand to work as a multimedia storyteller for a Thai-based nonprofit, where I’ll be making more videos about education, small businesses and public health.


A Place of Laughter

Length: 2:30
Client: Kenan Foundation Asia
Role: Directed, shot, edited

What if those in low-income communities, often left out of the formal healthcare system, self-organized to take care of the elderly? Meet this team of health volunteers in Bangkhuntien, Bangkok. (‘19)

How do arts and culture strengthen a community?

Length: 1:30
Client: Pao Arts Center
Role: Directed, shot, edited

Hear voices from the community on why having an open and flourishing arts space is vital for the Chinatown community. (‘18)

Countdown to Young Makers Contest

Length: 1:08
Client: Enjoy Science Project
Role: Directed, produced, shot, edited

One week until students bring their ‘green innovations’ to the judges at Maker Faire Bangkok 2019. 33K views. (‘19)


Length: 2:09
Client: Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center
Role: Shot, edited

Everybody has dreams. Hear from students, youth, teachers, new immigrants and artists in the Chinatown community about their dreams for themselves, their families and their community. (‘18)

Older and Bolder

Length: 2:43
Client: Karen Young, City of Boston Artist-in-Residence
Role: Shot, edited

A group of seniors at Grove Hall in Dorchester learns to play Japanese taiko, feeling powerful and joyful through the large and magnificent drums. (‘18)

Experience Chinatown

Length: 0:30
Client: Pao Arts Center
Role: Directed, shot, edited

From poetry to karaoke to cooking, come see, hear and create Chinatown at the Pao Arts Center during Experience Chinatown week in fall 2018. (‘18)

We Are All Makers

Length: 2:48
Client: Enjoy Science Project
Role: Directed, produced, shot, edited

At Maker Faire Bangkok 2019, the largest in southeast Asia, young and old alike celebrate the joy and challenge of making and its possibilities to build a better world. (‘19)

Innovation Camp for Thai schoolkids

Length: 2:47
Client: Kenan Foundation Asia
Role: Directed, produced, shot, edited

In an education system defined by rote memorization, rarely do Thai elementary schoolchildren get the chance to code robots, build solar cell cars, and solve puzzles together. A glimpse inside an “innovation camp.” (‘19)

i have a future thumbnail.JPG

I Have A Dream

Length: 1:20
Client: I Have A Future
Role: Shot, edited

In 1965, Martin Luther King Jr. marched through Boston to speak to the people about his dreams. In 2018, youth in Dorchester share a few dreams of their own. (‘18)

This Is Our City

Length: 1:00
Client: The Red Sox, New England Sports Network
Role: Directed, produced, shot, edited

Red Sox fans across the city of Boston come together to celebrate the spirit of baseball. Aired 5+ times on NESN and won me title of "NESN Next Producer" and the prize of $20,000. (Mar '17)

Programmable Droplets

Length: 2:38
Client: Tangible Interfaces Team, MIT Media Lab
Role: Scripting team, one of two shooters

How water-based droplets in our everyday environment can be used for interaction. Won Golden Mouse Award at Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. (Jan '18)

Fangqin Chen

Length: 2:00
Client: Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center
Role: Directed, produced, shot, edited

When Fangqin discovered that BCNC provides resources for families with children with special needs, she sought support because her son has hearing loss. (Jan '18)


Length: 1:48
Client: Tanám
Role: Directed, shot, edited

Featuring a collaboration between chef Ellie Tiglao and rapper Rex Mac, in which each course of the five-course dinner was inspired by one of Rex's tracks "exploring themes of family, coming of age, and our Filipino American identity." 

I Have A Future

Length: 2:47
Client: Youth Jobs Coalition
Role: Directed, produced, shot, edited

The youth of the #IHaveAFuture movement speak about the criminalization of poor young people of color. They envision a world in which young people of every economic and racial background have the opportunity to thrive. 12k views, 110 shares. (Feb '17)

The Women of Hayah Jewelry

Length: 3:04
Client: Hayah Jewelry
Role: Directed, shot, edited

From Syrian refugees to craft entrepreneurs, the women of Hayah started their business out of their homes in Istanbul and hope to employ more refugee women in steady creative work. (Nov '17)

Stories From My Parents

Length: 1:19:24
Client: Chinese Students' Association
Role: Co-directed, shot, edited

Both oral history and love story, seven students of Chinese descent at Wellesley College speak about how diaspora and immigration plays out across our families and our lives. Premiered in Collins Cinema. (April '17)

Power to Protect

Length: 4:00
Client: New England Sports Network
Role: Directed, shot, edited

Evelyn espouses the spirit of the Chinese martial art of wushu -- using your power to defend the weak -- as she attends Harvard Law School with an interest in minority civil rights. Aired on NESN 
(Oct '16)

Immigrant rights flash mob

Length: 3:21
Client: Movimiento Cosecha
Role: Directed, shot, edited

Hundreds of immigrants and allies broke into salsa dance in Primark and TJ Maxx of Downtown Boston. They are a national migrant-led movement fighting for the protection and dignity of migrants. 700 views (Dec '16)